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How I grew my Pinterest to 150k+ monthly viewers with just one small thing!

When I started blogging I was focusing on creating recipes and sharing them on my Instagram which to be honest is not the ideal platform if you want to stand out and have loyal followers quickly. It's too hard to beat the algorithm and you don't get enough visibility so you can't build your audience as quick as you want it to. I kept searching on my best friend Google and everybody was sharing their success with Pinterest.

I knew I wanted to grow my blog and my audience but Pinterest was totally new to me so I had to find a way to get noticed there quickly.

It sounds funny I know but I didn't even have a Pinterest account at that time and today I can't even imagine life without it ! Long story short I created my account, set up a couple of boards and started pinning but it just didn't give me the growth I was after. That's when I came across Tailwind!

Just within 3 months my page view traffic increased to 150k+ by using Tailwind

I just couldn't believe the results! Not only I increased my monthly viewers massively but it also opened up new opportunities for me. I had companies contacting me for sponsored posts and other bloggers in my niche were asking what my secret was. Being on holidays and getting paid couple of hundred dollars for taking one selfie is not a bad one, right?

So what are the best features of Tailwind?

1. You can use Tailwind for free! No credit card required

The best thing is that you have no time limit with your trial. You have 100 scheduled Pins or 30 Scheduled Instagram posts coming with it.

2. Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram partner so you don't have to be afraid of getting locked out of their system

For me this is one of the most important thing! You know you just can't trust any site or app which all promise followers growth. You can get banned very quickly from both Instagram and Pinterest if you breach their Users Policy. By using Tailwind, it can never happen. Cool, right?

3. Insights and Monitoring

With this tool you can track your profile's performance , your followers and readers' growth and you can analyse individual posts and pins too.

4. Scheduling

Tailwind automatically creates the optimal pinning/ posting schedule based on your audience' engagement.

Even better, it will do it for you if you have a business account on Pinterest or Instagram . It's an amazing feature as it reaches people who are actually online

5. Tailwind Tribes

- my favourite- it's like a group board where you can share your pins and it reaches hundreds of thousands or even millions of people - depending on your topic. As you can see below when it comes to categories you have numerous amount of options.

6. Board lists are fantastic

Board lists are lists you create of all the boards you want in that list and then when it’s time to schedule your pin, you just choose which board list it goes to. How time efficient is that?

Here you can see my results from August 2018 to December 2018 .

If you want to check out Tailwind's general results for Pinterest and Instagram, click here to get the report.

August 2018

November 2018

So if you want to reach more people, grow your blog traffic and start earning money, sign up to Tailwind for free now!

Please, don't forget to share with my your success by commenting below!

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