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How to get back to yourself after having a baby?

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Before you got pregnant you had the motivation to go to the gym, to do your hair and dress in a way that you felt confident about yourself. Now you have a baby, probably gained some extra weight from the pregnancy which just doesn’t want to go away that easily and you’re constantly tired. You may think: why would you even dress up when “you’re just looking after a baby”?

It’s been a while since you are a mother and you still can not find that woman you were before getting pregnant?!

I know how easy it is to get lost in the world of motherhood. You must have gotten the advice from all your friends and family members that you just need to sleep as much as you can, accept any help that’s been offered and you’ll survive. This is all true but there is more to it.

I must say, the first 4-6 weeks aren’t easy at all. You are dealing with a crying baby who can’t tell you what is wrong and you are up almost all night feeding your baby. (And here I’m not talking about the lucky ones whose babies sleep through the night after 2 weeks. Trust me I know not one, but they are the exceptions.)

You’re lucky if you get a couple of hours broken sleep, you’re probably dealing with pain mainly if you had a C-section or you can’t even get out of the bed on your own. Trust me, I know the feeling! I went through all of this and even more.

BUT! Things will get easier and you’ll start feeling better day by day and you’ll be able to manage things much much easier!

NOW it’s time to do things for yourself to have that confident and beautiful woman back who you were before having your baby. No matter for how long you’ve been trying to find your old self, it’s never too late to change!

These tips helped me and I promise you, it will help you too on this journey!

1. Take a shower first thing in the morning!

If you have to, get up 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the family and start your day with a shower. It will help you to wake up, freshen up and kick off your day.If you’ve got a baby she can stay in her safe cot. Take the camera with you and you can still keep an eye on her.If you have a crawler or walker take her with you in the bathroom, put some toys on the floor for her to play with and jump under the shower.

2. Fix your hair!

No more mum bun ladies, it literally takes 1 minute to fix your hair.

Just think about how you left the house before having kids!

See? Get it done!

3. Put some makeup on!

I know, it takes time to do a proper makeup but you’re not getting ready for the Oscar’s here. Put some foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream on your face. Maybe use some bronzer or blush, quick mascara, and some lipgloss.

It will make a huge difference, trust me!

4. Get dressed!

You have to get out of the house so put some nice but comfortable clothes on.

You don’t have to wear high heels, but you can look so cool in a pair of nice jeans, a top, and converse,  flat ballerina shoes or a nice pair of sandals.

The goal is to look presentable! You know what I’m talking about, it’s all in you!

And don’t forget! You’ve got your man on your side as well who is looking for the same woman you were before having kids!

5. Get your nails done!

Until the babies are not mobile you can head to a nail salon and bub will happily sit or even sleep in the pram.If you can, leave the baby with someone you trust and spend this hour and a bit for yourself. You deserve it!If none of these are options for you, then buy a nice nail polish and get it done yourself. You can buy extra quick ones that dry within 1 minute!Who doesn’t have a minute?

6. Pamper yourself with a facial!

That baby has a father who can look after her while you head out for a bit. It’s the perfect time for them to bond and for you to recharge your batteries.If it’s something you can’t manage, get a nice facial scrub and mask and do it yourself at home.Apply it before having a shower – it literally takes a minute to do. While you’re there, scrub your whole body, then apply a nice lotion all over it. You’ll feel like a queen!

7. Do sport!

There are so many things you can do. Put the baby in the stroller and head out for a nice walk or run. You can stop by at a park and do some sit-ups and lunges as well.I personally did this with one of my friends three times a week. We put the babies on a blanket with toys and they were happily playing while we were exercising.When the weather is not in your favor you can head to the gym -choose one with a creche and have that hour for yourself! You deserve it! I know you do.OR download an app with home exercises and do it while bub is sleeping. Even with the worst catnapper, you can squeeze in 45 min for this. Right?

8. Eat properly!

Don’t skip any meals! It’s very important! Sit down and eat together with your kid. It will just create a good habit for her and it helps you to stay energetic during the day. You have to look after this kid but first, you have to look after yourself!You can’t give love, happiness, and care for your bub if you don’t do the same for yourself.

9. Have a glass of wine!

When you put your bub to sleep at night, pour yourself a glass of wine. Put your feet up and relax a bit. Here is the time to cuddle with your partner and spend some quality time together. Ask him about his day, tell him how much you missed him today!Don’t forget, you’re still a couple and you have to keep the spark alive!He might feel second at the moment and it’s your job to make him understand that things changed but your feelings for him didn’t.

10. Ask for help!

I know you heard this before but you really have to do this! We are not heroes ( okay sometimes we are) but asking for help is not a failure. You have to find that at least one person you trust and ask for his/her help. If it’s your best friend, your neighbor, your mum or mother in law- doesn’t matter just do it.

Most probably they all went through this stage of life before so they won’t question you why you need them. Trust me on this, please!You’re still a great mother and wife and no one will say the other way.Ask them to do the grocery shopping for you!If you need someone to look after your bub a bit, say it!Do you need a hand with cleaning or cooking, say so!

Bottom line is if you look like a mess, you tend to feel like a mess! You have to be confident and happy to be a better mum, wife, and friend!

There will soon come the time when your kids get a little older, more independent and everything will be much easier!

Hang in there sister!

I’d love to hear what’s your secret to finding back to yourself! What do you do for yourself to make yourself happy?

Share with me below!



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