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“Mothers’ Day gift ideas for your wife”

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Mum life is the best life as I always say but it’s very hard work. It’s like having two full-time jobs at the same time, believe it or not. It’s a lot of responsibility, sleepless nights and nonstop worrying. It’s something that our dear husbands will never understand- sorry guys but that’s the truth. Because most men have no idea how to celebrate their wives and thank them for their hard work, I put together my TOP 10 list to help you, gentlemen. This list suits every budget and I’m sure you’ll find your favourite here. Though this list is specified for your wives, please don’t forget about your mums and grandmas guys!

1. Breakfast in bed

This is one of my favourite. I bet your wife hasn’t had brekkie in bed for years, right? Maybe the last time was before your kids were born? Am I spot on?Anyhow, it doesn’t require a big budget just a bit of effort from your end. Get up 20 minutes earlier than her and get it done. She’ll love it!

2. Flowers

Trust me, flowers always work. If you really don’t have any other ideas or if you know she loves flowers a lot, then go get a nice bouquet for her. She’ll appreciate it a lot. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t like flowers by the way. Oh and don’t forget a nice card with it!

3. Kid’s art

If your child is old enough, get her to draw something nice for mummy. I bet you, nothing will make her happier than this :)

4. Chocolate

Something sweet for your sweetheart? Why not! Get her favourite or find a unique chocolate collection – sweets make us happy :)

5. Tea

If your wife is a tea lover, head to T2. They stock not just the most beautiful teas I’ve ever had but they have gorgeous tea mugs, cups, tea towels and so on. My favourite collection is called The Perfect Morning .

6. Pamper

Which woman doesn’t like to be pampered? All of us do, of course! You know your wife the best, so think about what her choice would be. Massage? Nails? Hair? Whichever is her favourite, book an appointment for her. She’ll love it!

7. Fitness gear

What’s your wife’s favourite sport? She might need a new yoga mat, outfit, sports watch, dumbells, personal trainer session? Find out and get it for her. If she is passionate about this particular sport, she’ll be over the moon!


A very obvious gift but it’s again something you can’t go wrong with. Maybe her favourite perfume is running low or she was about to test a new fragrance? Why not get that then?

9. Support her hobby

Does she like painting? Cooking? Photography? Whatever is her hobby, try to think about what she could benefit from related to that hobby. If she is into cooking and food photography like me, she might need new props or even a new camera? You know her best, have a good think about it.

10. Shopping

This is every women’s best friend, trust me :-) Tell her to get ready and send her out shopping. She can get whatever she wants even if she doesn’t really need that LOL. She might be able to involve her best friend and make it out like a girls day out. She needs that!

I hope you found at least one cool idea on this list. Don’t forget to share what you ended up organizing for your wife by commenting below.



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